TCC is a Paris based French Hip Hop ground. It made up of Tido Berman, Cuizinier, Teki Latex, Orgasmic, Tacteel and Para One. The band was founded in 90’s by Tido Berman and Teki Latex under the name Bladazz. Teki’s cousin Cuizinier later joined the group and TCC was born. The triple appeared on several mix-tapes. In the year 2002 the released their first album on Big Dada Recording which was dumped Ceci N’est Pas Un Disque. It’s after the release when Orgasmic left Klub des Loosers and joined the group as their DJ. Para One and Tacteel are the group producers.

The group went on to popularize itself by appearing on several shows and mixtapes until 2004 when they released a second album The Batards Sensibles. The album featured vocals from Radioinactive and Busdriver. This album marked their turning point and saw them signed on by V2, a big French label. The group also caught the attention of FuckALoop which started involving in the bands activities. FuckALoop has produced most of the bands album. The album also made them become popular not only in Paris but across France and some parts of Europe.

In 2007 they released their third album dumped 3615 TTC which become the most popular Hip Hop hit of that time. The album saw the group extend its popularity across France and become on of the most sought band. Later Orgasmic became the producer of the band. The members of the group have also released single which include Game Over 99 (1999), Leguman (2000), De Pauvres Riches (2003), Dans Le Club (2004), Telephone (2006) and Travailler (2007).

TCC is the most loved Hip Hop group in France because of its great leases and vocal combinations. Currently Orgasmic is the group producer and members are more involved in single projects. TTC is yet to release another group album after its third but its still one of the most loved bands.