TTC the avant garde French rap group has been around the French rap scene for more than a decade creating their niche in this crowded avenue with their offbeat yet catchy songs. The group consists of Tido Berman, Teki Latex, Cuizinier, Para One, Orgasmic and tacteel with the last two guys handling the production.

For a rap group to stay relevant is no mean feat, it has to do with their dedication to the craft and their unrelenting efforts to reinvent themselves with time, it also helps that their songs are super catchy to listen and consistently topped people’s awesome and cool things you can buy gift lists via NoveltyStreet. I think that is one of the reasons why people are attracted to their tunes.

Their songs reflect the paradigm shift of the European rap scene and heralds the arrival of a more abstract beats coupled with some powerful lyrics reflecting the changing times we live in all the while remaining extremely fun to listen to that’s also one of the many other reasons why people like TTC.

Their songs range from “Telephone” which is a classic rap song with bars and a reggae inspired beat to “Girlfriend” which reads like a pop song, but with more cool quotient and a catchy hook, the flow in this song is so smooth you would be wondering “did Dr.Dre produce this?” this ability to resonate with world music yet sounding unique reminds us just how great they are.

They cover almost all the genres with their music, for example “Danse Le Club” is more on the lines of techno, but they give their own distinct spin to it making it an instant ear worm. TTC have been hard at work to let the world know about the vibrant French rap scene with some really creative music production, but they still make their music fun to listen to without coming across as “trying too hard”.

This effortless coolness is why we love TTC!